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Ignition Key

Posted by:Xinhua Electrical   Date:2013-08-28

Ignition Key won't Turn

There are many reasons why an ignition key does not turn, and most of them are quite basic and elementary in nature. Solving this problem is simple, but in extreme cases the entire assembly may need to be replaced.


If you find that your car ignition key is not turning, then you're in quite a sticky situation. Without it, your car or any other vehicle will not start, or if you're really unlucky, it won't stop. This is not a problem that many people face, but it is surely something that will completely annoy the life out of you.


Now before you go complaining to a car repair shop, there are a few things that you can try out in order to fix the problem yourself. Going to a mechanic may mean that you will have to replace the entire ignition lock, and this will take a fair amount of time as well as money. Of course, if none of the options mentioned here work, replacing the ignition lock is something that you will just have to resort to.


Wrong Key

In all probability, your key will fail to turn simply because you are using the wrong one. This sounds very stupid and you might be thinking that this is something that can't possibly be true, but it does happen. In their carelessness and forgetfulness, some people often end up putting the wrong key inside the ignition. Obviously, it will not turn if this is the case. If this is in fact what has happened, it won't come out of ignition either, unless you yank it out with a considerable amount of force. Always check your key before you insert it.

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